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la fée : personnages de Pestacolo; spectacle pour enfant

The Fairy Julie:

Coming from the clounds country

She appears with her magic wand

To transport the children in a magic world

Julie arrives with her wings and begins to make up the children in clown, pirate, spider man, princesses, small butterflies …

She organizes games adapted to the age of the children; ducks fishing, songs, dances …

After the cake, Julie will amaze you with some magic tricks.

The show goes on with the arrival of the puppets where funny small animals will  share their stories.

This show can be replaced (for the oldest kids) by a KAMISHIBAI, that is a small Japanese theater of tales.

To close this entertaining afternoon, every child will leave with a sculpture on balloon realized by Julie.

Enthusiasm and success guaranteed for this festive moment with PESTACOLO\